• 10 Things To Do With Kids in Prince Edward County

    As staycations have become the norm, we got a chance to see more of Ontario this summer. Prince Edward County was high on our list as we’ve heard so many great things about it, so we ventured East of Toronto about 2 hours and 15 mins to the Picton and Wellington, ON area. If you’re… [Continue Reading]

    10 Things To Do With Kids in Prince Edward County
  • Complete Family Guide to Tofino

    My husband and I have always been travellers. The story of us began with travel, from meeting in university in Alaska, to living abroad in Copenhagen, London, Singapore, Toronto and Vancouver; including numerous trips in between. Of course we knew life would change when we had kids. I remember lamenting to my Mother in Law… [Continue Reading]

    Complete Family Guide to Tofino
  • How to Take Long Road Trips With Kids

    The Misconception Most parents think driving long distance with kids is next to impossible, especially when they are small. I thought the same when my husband suggested we drive from Toronto to Nova Scotia, even up to the moment we loaded them into the car, I thought, this could be an absolute disaster. But you… [Continue Reading]

    How to Take Long Road Trips With Kids
  • Screen Free Ways to Entertain Kids on an Airplane

      We’re no stranger to flying with kids. We moved across the country when our first child was 2 weeks old and I flew at least 5 times a year with her when she could fly for free. Most of our trips were back and forth to visit family but we snuck in a few… [Continue Reading]

    Screen Free Ways to Entertain Kids on an Airplane






Photographer, Film maker, Florist, Potter, Online Shop Owner. Women these days wear many hats, and I'm certainly no exception; though becoming a Mother has been hands down, the hardest and most rewarding. Once a roaming photographer and world traveller, I thought starting a family would force me to stop until my Mother-in-law made me see how you can continue just as before with kids in tow.

I've always loved writing and wanted to start a blog for ages, I just didn't have a direction. Once I found it, I set out to create a portal for Mothers to inspire you to add more wanderlust to your life, even with kids. With a background in photography and film I hope to help you with tips and tricks to also document your journey with your kids and just be a beacon of support as a Mother, as we're all in this wild ride together.